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The support staff is the backbone of any office. Finding skilled, qualified, reliable and honest personnel is not easy. Not anymore! We at Employ Me help you find the best administrative and office support staff without spending a lot of time, effort and resources.

We specialise in recruiting staff for your administrative purposes. Whatever your requirement, be it an office manager, executive assistants, project managers, finance support, receptionists, legal counsels or a secretary, we help you find the right match.

We offer solutions for long term as well as temporary administrative requirements. Do get in touch with us, whatever your requirement and whatever kind of business you run.


We are fully aware of the duties, responsibilities and activities involved in different positions in a workplace. So, when you call us with your requirements for eligible candidates, we analyse applicants on different criteria and narrow down a few. You can select the final ones based on your personal evaluation criteria.

Choose Employ Me because we offer time bound services of the best quality. With a database of hundreds of job seekers with different skill sets, we can fill the vacancy in your company within the shortest possible time. We match your requirements with the credentials of different job seekers and find the right match.

If you are looking for specific skills, experience, educational qualifications or expertise, let us know and we’ll find a candidate who fits into the vacancy.

When you hire Employ Me, you save a good deal of time, money and effort because recruiting is a time intensive process. You don’t have to employ your own human resource staff to interview and hire candidates.

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If you have a role to fill or are thinking of expanding, having access to one of Sydney’s leading office support and construction recruitment agencies will only work in your favour.

Contact us today for reliable and skilled administrative and office staff or call 0415 790 755 for a free consultation.