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forklift driver hire in sydney

Any industry deserves a skilled employee base who will see them through the many day-to-day tasks that are required. Especially in a fast-paced, high-demand warehouse environment, you want to see that your employees are performing at their best, with the highest regard for safety – for themselves and those around them.

However, we understand that if you are a business manager you may be daunted by the process of finding new hires. You may realise that you want a talented, high-performance employee that will get the job done efficiently. But you have no idea where to start.

At Employ Me, we deliver end-to-end on-boarding management, to ensure you hire an employee who is the perfect match for your team. Each candidate in our diverse talent pool is equipped to deftly handle the job at hand, bringing with them appropriate expertise, knowledge and attitude.

Your forklift driver is at the top of their field

We ensure that each forklift driver candidate for your job possesses the correct qualifications that position them at the top of their field. This includes proper forklift operation certificates, work permissions and visa requirements. As well as this, we test their knowledge and aptitude for on-the-job thinking.

At Employ Me, we are aware that company culture is a vital part of your organisation’s livelihood. Our skilled organisational psychologists will determine the best fit employee for your firm, depending on a range of factors. We only want the best for your company, now and into the future.  

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Based in Sydney, Employ Me is your dedicated recruitment partner, helping you find quality employees to fill your warehouse and transport positions. Whether your company is looking to expand into new fields, you are an entrepreneur about to invest in new skills, or you have an empty position that needs to be filled with talent, we are able to provide assistance.

We have years of experience in the recruitment field, and know exactly what to look for when finding new employees. Contact us if you would like to find out more about our comprehensive employee recruitment process.